Cantina Bolzano Pinot Bianco 2019

Cantina Bolzano Pinot Bianco 2019

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Dry, fresh and crisp with citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Really well balanced and food friendly.


Cantina Bolzano winegrowers have a strong focus on near-natural methods and sustainably managed vineyards. Classic Pinot Bianco (Blanc) showing fruity aromas of yellow apples and pears with a whiff of peach and pineapple leading to a palate with some opulence and weight, yet crisp acidity and ripe fruit character.

Wine: CANTINA BOLZANO Pinot Bianco 2019

Producer: Cantina Bolzano/Kellerei Bozen

Region/Country: Alto Adige, Italy

Grape/s: Pinot Bianco/Pinot Blanc

Production Method: Organic. Minimal intervention winemaking

Style: Clean and crisp with orchard fruit character

Pairing Suggestion: Seafood, vegetable dishes, white meats

 Variety: Pinot Blanc/Bianco/Weissburgunder

Profile: Part of the large family of varieties originating from Burgundy, spreading via mutations and cross-breeding, in many instances extensively planted under the guise of Chardonnay. Complexity and intensity relies on lower yields and good winemaking, with the best examples displaying a lovely aromatic profile of citrus and stone fruit, decent acidity and roundness. Some producers experiment with oak, which can accentuate the varieties natural round mouthfeel.

Classic Regions: Alsace (France), Alto-Adige, Friuli (Italy) Pfalz (Germany), Neusiedlersee (Austria)