Cantina Bolzano Pinot Grigio 2018

Cantina Bolzano Pinot Grigio 2020

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Full flavoured, textural and fresh Grigio. Outstanding! This is miles away from the neutral Grigio too often found and drunk.


Cantina Bolzano winegrowers have a strong focus on near-natural methods and sustainably managed vineyards. Fruity aromas of pears and apples, light notes of honey and nut. This is full-flavoured, mellow and rich with nutty complexity. Far more concentration and interest than your regular Pinot Grigio.

Wine: CANTINA BOLZANO Pinot Grigio

Producer: Cantina Bolzano/Kellerei Bozen

Region/Country: Alto Adige, Italy

Grape/s: Pinot Grigio

Production Method: Organic. Minimal intervention winemaking in stainless steel to preserve aromatics

Style: Crisp, dry Grigio with nice texture and stone fruit character

Pairing Suggestion: Salads, vegetable dishes, white meat

 Variety: Pinot Gris/Grigio

Profile: One of the darkest skinned white varieties, often with a pink/reddish tinge, and colours often range widely within the same bunch. Gris and Grigio are indicate style and origin, with Gris tending to be darker, richer and oilier and Grigio lighter and crisper as a rule. Pinot Gris often tends toward dark golden in colour and can be higher in alcohol and richness. It has soft acidity and with spicy, fragrant aromatics. It will often have a touch of residual sugar, meaning it is great for pairing with spicy Asian cuisine, and in Alsace is regularly made into sweet wine. Pinot Grigio is most synonymous with Northern Italy. The best examples are fresh and fragrant with zesty and floral aromatics and moreish texture.

Classic Regions: Alsace (France), Fruili, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy), Central Otago (New Zealand), Baden (Germany)