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Free Run Juice

Free Run Juice Samurai Chardonnay 2020

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Organic sunshine in a bottle. A fresh and lively Chardonnay.


A great value, organically produced Chardonnay from Australia. Fresh and fruity, with no oak influence and low SO2. The Samurai Chardonnay is an extremely good value, organically produced Chardy with ripe stone fruit character and nice roundness. Perfect as an accompaniment to lighter dishes or all on its own!

Producer: Free Run Juice

Region/Country: South Australia, Australia

Grape/s: Chardonnay

Production Method: Sustainable farming and natural winemaking. Stainlesss steel fermentation and minimal sulphur additions

Style: Dry and crisp with stone and tropical fruit character

Pairing Suggestion: Aperitif style, seafood and poultry dishes

 Variety: Chardonnay

Profile: Commonly referred to as the winemakers grape oweing to both its versatility and ease of manipulation in the winery. Chardonnay will range widely in character depending on its region of origin as well as winemaking style. One the lighter end of the spectrum, generally from cooler regions, it will display crisp, somewhat tart acidity alongside citrus and orchard fruit character and mineral texture. Moving to warmer climates gradually produces a more ripe stone and tropical fruit character. Winemaking, particuarly the use of oak and batonnage (lees stirring) produces a richer, creamier texture and flavours of toast, butter and vanilla spice.

Classic Regions: Chablis, Cote d'Or, Maconnais, Champagne (France), Yarra Valley, Tasmania, Margaret River (Australia), Canterbury (New Zealand), Walker Bay (South Africa)